How to Create a PPC Campaign That Converts?

Rev Up Conversions with PPC Advertising: Drive Traffic, Convert Leads

Discover the winning formula for turbocharging your conversion rates with Search Matix with cutting-edge PPC Advertising services. Our expertly created campaigns are designed to flood your website with a steady stream of high-quality traffic. From first click to final conversion, let us guide your leads on a seamless journey, ensuring they become dedicated, long-term customers.

A Strategic Approach to Driving Traffic and Leads on a Budget

Precise Ad Targeting with Low Cost Lead Generation Techniques

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) has been growing at a fast pace. In 2024, it is estimated that companies worldwide will allocate a whopping $190.5 billion towards these paid ads. Thus, it goes without saying that it has been proven to deliver fruitful results to the companies. 

Our years of paid advertising experience allow us to use our clients’ budget wisely and generate leads that convert. We have worked for multiple industries and crafted sustainable ad campaigns under tight budgets.

One of our PPC thumb-rules has been using each penny of clients’ budget effectively. So whether you’re a small-scale or large-scale company, we have the skills and team to deliver the results expected out of us.

What Include in PPC?

Our Roadmap to PPC Ads

Here’s what lays the foundation to each of our successful PPC campaigns. From budget iteration to tracking down and optimizing the campaigns, we go extra mile to bring the best possible results.

Have A Sneak-Peek Over Our Services:

Business Understanding

First off, we try to get well-versed with the ins and outs of your business and industry as a whole to strategize a well-planned ad campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing competitors and identifying gaps is crucial, but at the same time, we prioritize originality and passion in our work.

Keywords Research

Our in-depth keywords research makes all the differences. It lays the foundation of campaigns so that you have lower CPC and higher ROI.

Creating Your Ad

Our team of copywriters live and breathe creativity, thus, each copy is tailored to meet precisely the brand’s messaging and drive clicks.

Budget Iteration

We strive to maximize the value of every PPC penny for our clients, effectively planning and optimizing their budgets for optimal results.

Bidding Strategy

Your bidding strategy sets the course for your campaign's performance and ROI. Thus, we carefully create a bidding strategy to maximize campaigns' effectiveness.

Optimizing Your Campaign

Enhancing your campaign involves fine-tuning its elements to fully realize its potential, which lets you take you closer to your objective

Ads Account Auditing

From time and again, we review our ads account just to make sure everything remains optimal for the best possible out.

Tracking your Results

Regularly measuring campaigns performance is the key. Hence, tracking your results is the compass that guides campaign refinement, ensuring continued success.

Ready to Transform your Ad Campaigns?

Let us know your details and we’ll deliver a personalized PPC audit report that pinpoints opportunities and outlines strategies for generating high-quality leads.

PPC Audit: Get started for free!

    PPC Audit: Get started for free!


      Explore a Variety of Ad Types for Success Across Multiple Platforms

      Our expertise extends towards multiple ad types. With Search Magnetix, we introduce to you a range of ad types tailored for success across various platforms, ensuring effective campaigns and broader reach.

      Have A Look At Our Ad Types:

      Google Search Ads

      Starting off with the most popular platform, we help you get noticed and drive results with Google Search Ads.

      Display Ads

      Increase your ads visibility and engagement with our strategically managed advertising, display Ads that never fails to catch users’ eye.

      Shopping Ads

      Elevate your sales strategy by harnessing the power of Shopping Ads, propelling your revenue to new heights.

      Microsoft (Bing) Ads

      With the right targeting, businesses can attract many leads and sales at lower CPM with Bing ads. We can help you get the most out of Bing Ads.

      Video (Youtube Ads)

      YouTube Ads can reach potential customers who are already interested in your products or services. These targeted ads can increase clicks and lead generation.

      PPC Audit & Analysis

      We'll identify areas for improvement and make recommendations for optimization, so you can get more out of your paid search.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Paid search ads help you attract the most clicks as people tend to look into top sports of search engines. Organic marketing strategy coupled with effective paid ads can deliver exceptional results parallely for fast business growth.

      PPC can deliver results quickly, but it typically takes 3 months for a campaign to reach its full potential. During this time, the algorithm is learning about your campaign and how to optimize it for success.

      The cost of PPC ad campaign depends on the multiple factors: 

      • Targeted Keywords
      • The competition for those keywords
      • Your budget
      • Your bidding strategy

      In general, the cost per click (CPC) for paid search can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. However, the average CPC is around $2-3.

      To get started with the paid search ads, you need to choose your platform and set your goals. Research keywords, create ads, set bids, and track results. At SearchMagnetix, we help you eliminate all these efforts and get started easily.

      Yes, each ad type works differently. To put it in an example, 

      Search ads can be used to reach people who are actively searching for products or services like yours, while display ads can be used to reach people who are browsing websites or social media.


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